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Chocolate moulds

Shape your chocolate together with Kaupert

Kaupert produces chocolate moulds for all solid, centre-filled and hollow moulding lines. For all these moulds we are exclusively using highest grades of FDA-approved materials.

The moulds are being made on state-of-the-art injection-moulding machines using only the gentlest processes for resources and product. The design parameters of the product are transferred from CAD/CAM-systems to our own production of stamps. Milling machines of the latest generation produce up to 500 stamps for thermal vacuum and extruded forms annually. Placing of our own production in so-called countries with cheap labor force is unacceptable. We are convinced that manufacture of high-quality products is possible only thanks to the joint work and relationship between departments of design, engineering, stamps manufacturing, extrusion and thermal vacuum production.



Creativity, usability, and focus on the result

Our designers take into account that the model should be suitable for implementation in the form of chocolate pieces at the beginning of the new products development. All desired characteristics should be preserved in the process of production. Despite the fact that we use CAD/CAM technologies, we also manufacture hand-built models, using traditional procedures, especially when the customer pays particular attention to appearance or to the feeling of handwork.

Once the model is adjusted to match customer's requirements and wishes, the product is embodied in a form, corresponding to your moulding machine. In order to do this the appropriate design is created in the form of a CAD-drawing and then the stamp is created in the CNC machine. Then, we produce the forms directly on modern extrusion or thermal vacuum machines.



Used materials

Only the highest grades of polycarbonate from established manufacturers are being used at Kaupert. Currently, our main supplier is BAYER. The brand name for BAYER polycarbonate is MAKROLON. Only premium and FDA-approved polycarbonate granulates are being used for our chocolate moulds. These will ensure best durability and resilience against dynamic load and stress, optimal resistance against detergents, dimensional stability under heat influence of up to 135°C, strikingly good demouldability, brilliant surface finish as well as an excellent performance and long life span.



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