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CHOCOTECH Wernigerode GmbH (Germany) incorporated in SOLLICH-Gruppe is a leading supplier of individual machines and process lines designed for the confectionery industry. The company was founded by Mr. Otto Lauenstein in Wernigorod in 1920 under the name of Lauenstein & Co. KG.

CHOCOTECH has recently built a new production and office building in Wernigorod. The building has the area of 7,500 m2 and meets all modern standards. In 2011 this building was extended by one more section having the area of 600 m2 which houses the lab - unique in the confectionery industry where customers can perform commercial-scale tests of new recipes.

Knowledge and experience of CHOCOTECH are based on years of handling a variety of products, i.e. hard and soft candies, chewing candies, jelly, fondant, different types of milk caramel, nougat, products based on creamed masses.

Dornbergsweg 32
D-38855 Wernigerode
Tel.: +49 / 39 43 / 55 06 - 0
Fax: +49 / 39 43 / 55 06 - 22
e-mail: info@chocotech.de

24h Serviceline
0160 / 44 44 193

For over 80 years the Sollich company retains leadership in the market of the equipment designed for the production of chocolate bars and chocolate candies, chocolate enrobing machines, caramel enrobing machines and tempering machines.

The company, founded in 1920 by Mr. Robert Sollich, is currently staffed with 270 persons & managed by Mr. Thomas Sollich, the company founder grandson. The head office, production facilities and the service center are located in Bad Salzuflen, near Hannover (Germany). Since 1992 CHOCOTECH has been incorporated in the SOLLICH group. Sollich operates worldwide and has trade offices in many countries around the world. The share of its exports amounts to about 75%.

As to SOLLKOCH - the pioneer in the production of vacuum sugar cooking machines - a good start was made due to the advancing evolution traced from generation to generation. Since then the third generation successfully runs Sollich, the family-owned company

Today the Sollich production program includes products ranging from forming, extrusion and cutting equipment, fully automatic enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, chocolate tempering machines to the molding equipment for confectionery products.

The complete set of equipment for the production of chocolate bars consisting of the specified machines at present enables to manufacture practically any product.

Production of the state-of the-art equipment for the confectionary sector is not a simple challenge. It is backed by know-how of many years & quality of the company staff operation. With a great variety of confectioneries it is impossible to prepare a single series of the equipment & the power of Sollich in this respect becomes apparent applicable to the following aspects: constantly take into account the customer wishes as well as specific product requirements & apply all this in novel complex constructions while ensuring the shortest possible terms of delivery! The core of the Sollich philosophy is flexibility under the condition of enhancing automation in the quick-changing world.

The worldwide recognition & market leadership of the up-to-date company are provided by the retention & consistent evolution of reliable principles & this activity is in progress. All significant areas of the company are computerized. A complex concept is elaborated using CAD. The major part of profit is invested into R&D activities.

Global sales as well as the first-class service & the consumer satisfaction - this is the pledge of the company success in the 21 century.

Sollich KG
Siemenstrasse 17-23
D-32105 Bad Salzuflen
Tel.: +49 5222 950-0
Fax: +49 5222 950-300
E-Mail: info@sollich.com
Service Tel.: +49 / 5222 / 950 - 169

Winkler und Dünnebier Süsswarenmaschinen

The name of the Winkler und Dünnebier Süsswarenmaschinen GmbH product stands for high capacity, reliability & solid reputation. Know-how accumulated over 90 years of the company development & engineering of high-quality production lines means experience & quality in combination with the tradition.

Production lines of the  WDS company at present is a positive concept characterizing trademarked goods not only in the confectionary sector.

Since 1997 the location of Winkler und Dünnebier Süsswarenmaschinen GmbH has been Rengsdorf near Neuwied in the Westerwald region. The total area of production facilities exceeds 7.500 sq.m.

The production of high-quality WDS lines is supported by competent specialists - erectors, designers and, which is also of crucial importance, precise & the most advanced production lines.

Besides technical competence, know-how & product quality management sales representatives overcome hundred thousands air-route kilometers in order to provide optimum services to their customers and in this way, in close cooperation with the company representation offices, to acquire information on customers as well as to accumulate experience which in its turn produces an effect on the orientation of the range of products. This is why by now the company projects have been implemented nearly in all continents - in Asia, Africa, America &, of course, in Europe. As a rule project amounts range from 100.000 Euro to several millions Euro and involve stages starting with engineering to the complete commissioning.

Currently WDS is engaged in the production of lines designed for molding of filled & unfilled chocolate products offering various applications & capacity ranges, lines for hard-boiled sweet molding as well as processes for engineering modular lines for manufacturing products based on gelatin, starch, pectin, agar, etc. The range of products is supplemented by lab-scale molding machines designed for the development of products and a specific line rigging, e.g., units for adding cherry, nuts & granulates.

One WDS line is hardly similar to the other. With the diversity of customer needs & wishes, expected capacities & prerequisites related to premises a routine fabrication is appropriately excluded. Therefore, differentiation in planning & conception is an ongoing challenge which meanwhile has become the company power. Know-how, services & product development is a single logical chain for attaining objectives set by customers.

WDS lines for the confectionary production are recognized worldwide as a concept characterizing the trademarked products; WDS is considered a leading supplier of processes for the production of lines designed for manufacturing confectionary products.

The best marketing instruments still include the established reputation & a wide orientation of service. Over the past years WDS had been constantly extending the range of its services in order to achieve maximum satisfaction of its customers.

In order to initiate & promote business relations with potential or regular domestic & foreign customers various confectionary-related symposia, conferences & congresses are initiated, attended & supported, if necessary. Thus, WDS interprets the innovation as a strategic element for the company orientation to future goals. Innovation means the integration of services, presence in the market & product development within the extensive network.

Winkler und Dünnebier Süsswarenmaschinen
Ringstrasse 1

D-56579 Rengsdorf/Germany

Telefon: (+49) - 26 34 - 96 76 - 200
Telefax: (+49) - 26 34 - 96 76 - 269
E-Mail: sales@w-u-d.com 
Internet: www.w-u-d.com



For years the Theegarten- Pactec name has stood for uncompromising quality, creativity and offering of novel answers in the wrapping technology sector. Traditionally these include confectionery or other foodstuff as well as products pertaining to the non-food field.

As an international market leader and a globally oriented manufacturer in the wrapping technology sector Theegarten-Pactec is perfectly aware of the expectations of its business partners in the conditions of boom markets thus making a significant contribution to the enhanced productivity, innovative strength, and growth of the customer companies.

The company history dates back to the year of 1934 when the Rose-Theegarten company was founded in Cologne by Mr. Justus Theegarten and his son Franz Theegarten in the firm conviction that the progressive industrialization in the wrapping machine-building sector is a direct function of novel high-efficient & automated solutions

In 1994 the Rose-Theegarten company merged with the Dresden-based Pactec company which historically, similar to Rose-Theegarten, had been engaged in the development & production of wrapping machines.

Today the Theegarten-Pactec is a third generation family-owned company managed by the directors - Erhard Rustler, Gerd Schwarze , Dr. Egbert Röhm and Markus Rustlert.

Breitscheidstrasse 46
D - 01237 Dresden
Telefon : +49 (0)351 2573 0
Telefax : +49 (0)351 2573 330
E-Mail : pactec@theegarten-pactec.de


The CAOTECH company enjoys a global reputation; the company is particularly engaged in the development of the equipment designed for food industry. The technical staff of CAOTECH has gained a combined experience of many years in the design and development of ball mills. Close cooperation with the customer yields novel solutions & innovations.

CAOTECH solutions cover the following areas:

  • Cocoa
  • Natural Chocolate
  • Chocolate masses
  • Filling and fillers
  • Chocolate glaze
  • Nut pastes
  • Praline fillings, etc.

The range of CAOTECH products:

  • Ball mills for cocoa masses, capacities ranging from 400 to 3,000 kg/hr
  • Various ball mill -based systems for fine grinding of chocolate and chocolate related products, capacities ranging from 5 up to 2,000 kg/hr
  • Equipment for the pre-grinding of cocoa beans and seeds, capacities of up to 5,000 kg/h
  • Storage tanks for cocoa liquor, chocolate and chocolate related products
  • Pumps for the chocolate and chocolate industry
Caotech B.V.
Handelsweg 3
1521 NH Wormerveer
The Netherlands
Tel. 0031-756404313
Fax. 0031-756404312
E-mail info@caotech.com
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