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Equipment for jams, juices, souces etc.

Company information

KASAG was founded in 1929 as a "cooper smithy and aluminum welding works". At the outset mainly copper and aluminum were processed into containers and apparatus.
Today, stainless steels and aluminum alloys are processed to manufacture high-quality end products.
With a production area of 2500 m2 KASAG LANGNAU AG is also competitive when it comes to the implementation of large projects.


Our daily business
Plants, apparatus, containers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, subassemblies, etc. for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as companies engaged in the bio, food and environment technologies.


Exemplary plant for jam cooking


Our systems for the production of fruit base, jams, compotes, marmalades, sauces, vegetables and further food products are of a modular structure. The are offered and built in the form of individual appliances, subassemblies or complete production lines.

Depending on the specification profile we offer vertical and horizontal batch cooking plants for volumes from 100 to 7500 litres, designed as single or multi-stage cooking plant.

- JAMMOD250 basic capacity 3000 kg / shift (8h)
- JAMMOD600 basic сapacity 4000 kg / shift (8h)
- FRUMOD250 basic capacity 2000 kg / shift (8h)




Advantages of KASAG plant
- Solutions for fruit preparations, jams, vegetables, sauces, compotes;
- Standardizes modules with basic module and extra options to generat extra benefit
- Process know-how with simple recipies
- Compact, simple transportable and quick installation
- Cookingplants simple in operating
- Ideal for enter new markets
- Swiss quality


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