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Ricotta is produced from stabilized whey (cow's, and sheep's whey) and, if required, it is added with cream and/or milk.
It is heated by means of a plate heat exchanger and then fed into the floc-culators where it is added with acidi-fying medium and it undergoes a final heating with direct steam.
Whey proteins appear at surface and they are then separated from the exhausted whey in a drainage belt conveyor.
Ricotta is then sent into a buffer/mixing tank where it can be added with flavours.
Ricotta is then smoothed/homogenized to ab-sorb water and it is then sent to a filling/packaging machine.
Our continuous standard lines have variable capacities between 12.000 l/h and 20.000 l/h of whey and they can be cleaned under CIP station.

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