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TVOROG is a lightly sour and creamy dairy prod-uct, with different fat content values, high mois-ture, to be used TQ (as it is) or added with fla-vours or other components.
The TVOROG production process, traditionally long and complex, can be made nowadays with modern machinery processing high quantities of milk reducing the discharge and drainage times in the respect of the latest and most rigorous hygienic and sanitary regulations.
The result is a high quality product, with a high reduction of the product losses, a longer shelf-life with respect to the traditional product and a high reduction of manpower.
SORDI designed and realized 3 TVOROG production lines.
The first one to produce a creamy product, without grains, to be packed in aluminium foils or parchment, or to be used as base for the production of creams with raisins, sugar or other ingredi-ents (Krem tvorozhniy).
Milk, coagulated in the CASEUS cheese vats, is discharged onto a drainage system with pierced drums and a drainage belt on which curd drains and whey are separated. Curd is then sent into a buffer tank and to a continuous cooling system to bring the temperature at about 12-15°C. TVOROG is now ready for packaging or to be used as ingredient for the processing of creams.
In the case of TVOROG with grains, curd is cooled down in line through an especially dedicated system.
The third line for the production of round, pear-shape cheeses, with weight of 250 and 500 gr. Milk, coagulated in the CASEUS vats, is fed to a filling system where whey separation is carried out by means of a pierced drum, followed then by the automatic and continuous dosing in the moulds by the "DRIPLINE". TVOROG is then lightly pressed to make whey removal easier and, after a suitable holding time, it is ready for packaging.
Lines are cleaned under CIP and they can be managed by a few operators.

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