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POLISOFT cheese vat, for the production of soft and high yield cheese (high moisture). The POLISOFT vats are available in capacities from 1.000 to 10.000 litres.
The POLISOFT has a semi-circular shape with a semi-circular lid, complete with a manhole. Special feature of this vat are the 2 cutting systems: one transversal and one longitudinal:
? The transversal cut is composed of a central shaft keeping the cutting and agitation tools in a diametrically opposed position.
? The longitudinal cut consists of blade cutting tools moving in a longitudinal direction along all the vat length.
The vat is cleaned under CIP.

SORDI design and realize the CASEUS cheese vats, closed type cheese, cylindrical shape and horizontal axis.
The CASEUS vats are available in the capacities from 2.000 to 20.000 litres.
A central shaft keeps the cutting and stirring tools in a diametrically opposed position creating optimum working conditions.
The vat is equipped with jacket and it is cleaned under CIP. 


The CASEUS AS is equipped with an automatic whey extraction filter with wide-pierced surface to ensure a high extraction capacity and a minimum risk of clogging.

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