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The pressed curd cheese making line has been desi-gned by mechanising the working process. The main machines composing the line are:
SORDI has designed and developed a polyvalent coagu-lation vat, named CASEUS.
The CASEUS vats are medium to high capacity vats (2.000 to 13.000 litres), closed type, cylindrically shaped with hori-zontal axis
SORDI manufacture different pre-pressing systems:
It is composed of a rectangular vat to contain the curd.
The side walls are fixed, whilst the front and back walls are movable and made of perforated stainless steel (front and rear filter). The POLICURD has a movable belt fully cleanable.
A pressing filtering plate is fit over the draining vat and enables the pressing of curd. The applied pressure and the pressing time are adjustable.
The POLICURD is closed and cleanable under CIP.
Made of 2 rectangular vats for collection, drainage and pressing of curd. The pressing system is composed of a plate made of pierced sheet cylinders. The pressing unit is movable and can pass from one vat to the otherone. The press is cleaned under CIP.
It is a fixed pressing system equipped with a pressing /filtering de-vice. It is proposed with different sizes of the pressing layer.
After the transfer of the blocks into the moulds, the cheese can be moved to the final pressing line according to the production technologies.
After pressing the cheese is salted with dry salt or in brine.


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