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SORDI company was established in 1881 by Melchiorre Sordi, as a firm processing rennet and manufacturing cheese making machinery and other equipment for the dairy industry, progressively expanding and developing its activities, but maintaining its specialization in the dairy field.
During this century, the Company has taken part to the development of the dairy field playing a leading role in the industrialization process of the dairy industry, based on continuous researches and high technological content of its equipment.

The success and development of the milk dairy industry, not only the Italian one, are in fact bound to SORDI name and to its activity being developed in this field since over one century.
A highly specialized activity that heirs of Melchiorre Sordi have developed and adapted to the more actual market requirements paying special care to the technology and changement factors.
Technology proved to be competitive on the economical profile, also assuring quality, hygiene, yield and constant production besides keeping the organoleptic characteristics of product and enabling, with its continuous evolution, introduction on the market of new products in-line with the modified life styles.
The wide range of equipment, manufactured by SORDI, includes:

  • The whole milk processing cycle, from the reception up to the finished product with a special care given to the UHT STERIPLAK lines, to the yoghurt production lines and to the cheese making lines for soft, hard and stretched curd cheeses as well as ricotta.
  • Preparation, blending and heat processing lines for drinks such as fruit juices, wine, honey, isotonic drinks.
  • Processing cycle for soy milk.
SORDI can supply know-how and vanguard technologies for the food industry but it is also an engineering company designing and manufacturing machines or complete turn-key plants to be installed all over the world.
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