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For over 100 years of successful activities the ANTON OHLERT Co. has deserved the distinguished image of the most reliable partner representing the producers of the high-grade European equipment in line with the latest food technologies.


Conformance to the up-to-date market requirements & the level of the food sector evolution is possible only with the reliable functionally advanced equipment embracing developments of the contemporary food & machine-building technologies as well as their software control.


In the area related to the production of chocolate, candies, chocolate coatings the ANTON OHLERT Co. represents such companies as WDSSollichChocotechCaotech, Germany. Experts of the above companies can make all your fantasies & dreams come true whether this concerns a shape of the product - chocolate bars, candies, jelly figures or multilayer sticks or fillings, additives.

The Caotech Co, the Netherlands is recognized as a supplier of turn-key projects all over the world; it is also well-known as a designer of diverse machines for sectors producing cocoa products, chocolate, coatings, various fillings & chocolate-nut masses.


The range of the equipment offered by the ANTON OHLERT Co, includes machines of the HEBENSTREIT Co., the oldest company, which equipment is designed for the production of wafer products: various patterns of flat & shaped hollow wafers containing different fillings, wafer bread, etc. As early as in 1950 -ies the company appeared to be a pioneer in the engineering, production & supply of a line for the production of wafer balls to Great Britain.


We can also offer the equipment of the other company for the production of wafer snacks, rolls, tubes, horns & soft wafers. Apart from the equipment for wafer products we can offer lines for the production of practically any other flour confectioneries: various types of cookies, biscuits, cakes, etc. This kind of the equipment is offered by the Italian company, Polin, founded in the twenties of the last century.


The ANTON OHLERT Co. is also engaged in the deliveries of a wide range of baking equipment for bakeries, bakery shops, production facilities & industrial enterprises.

In particular, for bread production we offer both complete factories and individual production modules. Referenced below are the equipment Suppliers represented by us:


ZEPPELIN REIMELT (storage & batching of bulk stock & liquid components & dough preparation), Germany

KAAK GROUP (dough molding, proofing, baking & cooling of bakery products), Holland

PC-DATA (software systems for internal stock-taking & logistics, picking-up orders & monitoring of dispatch), Holland.


For any industrial food company a company like the ANTON OHLERT is a real godsend; with the help of our qualified experts you may procure the state-of-the art process equipment of the latest design for your company or update it.

We'll be pleased to render you assistance!

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