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Anton Ohlert company was founded in 1871 in Berlin. Until 1960 it was located in Berlin. Since 1960 the company location is Cologne, Germany. It has its representation office in Berlin.

The case history of Anton Ohlert company can be chronologically subdivided into four periods:

1871 - 1914

1922 - 1941

1953 - 1990

1991 - until nowadays.

1871 - 1914. The company foundation & its activities prior to the beginning of the first World war.

The founder of the company, who had had given it his name, Anton Ohlert, a merchant, was born in Russia in 1840 in a German family & resided in a German settlement in Moscow. He traversed the country by horse-drawn sleighs procuring furs & timber which further supplied to Germany. In Russia he was involved in the marketing of hardware & means of small-scale mechanization. In 1871 he had officially registered his company in the Trade register of Berlin.

25 years before a globally recognized Singer company had constructed the proprietary factory in Podolsk Anton Ohlert had successfully effected his first commercial transactions for sales of this company sewing machines at the Russian market.

At the beginning of the ХХ century Anton Ohlert had sold his company to the Ulrich, a family-owned house. In spite of the rotation of the owner the company retained its previous name, Anton Ohlert, and up to this day the company owners are off-springs of the Ulrich family.

Further on the commercial activity was suspended due to the First World war & the October revolution.

1922 - 1941

Representatives of the next generation of the company owners were also born in a German settlement in Moscow.

During the period when the world community disowned the communist state & refused to conduct any business with it Anton Ohlert company started to merchandise with a young Soviet Republic. Trade deals were concluded for supplies of hardware & steel products.

Further on the company activity had been interrupted by the Second World war & Germany aggression to the Soviet Union.

1953 - 1990

In1950 with the third generation of the company owners first trade contacts had been developed with the Soviet Union after a long -term pause.

In spite of the fact that Bonn had become the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany & the Soviet embassy was established in Bonn Anton Ohlert company made a decision to open its headquarters in Cologne, the place of residence of the Soviet Trade mission.

In 1954 the company secured the first orders. A visit paid by chancellor Adenauer to Moscow in 1955 & his meetings with Kchrushchev & Bulganin paved the way to the process of building up diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union & FRG.

In 1956 Anton Ohler company had opened its permanent mission in Moscow. Within the period of its existence the Moscow representative office of Anton Ohlert survived several movements. At first it was located in "National" hotel, later on in Pokrovsky boulevard & Mytnaya street. The company present address is 1st Shchipkovsky per., 20, in the building of the International Industrial Academy.

In 1957 Anton Ohlert company had become the second German company (after Siemens) to which the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR rendered the official accreditation after the second World war for business activities on the territory of the Soviet Union.

1991 - nowadays

From the moment of its origin Anton Ohlert company had been engaged exclusively in trading with Russia (from 1953 to 1991 - with the Soviet Union), since 1991 - with CIS countries & Baltic states.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union & the inevitable process of decentralization on the post-Soviet territory resulted in the establishment, alongside with a Moscow office which has been functioning for many years, of new branches in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Tallinn (Estonia), Minsk (Belarus), Almaaty (Kazakhstan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Irrespective of bound intervals caused by the First & Second World wars the company successfully participates in the trading activity guided by 135 years of experience & spiritual kinship both with German & Russian traditions & roots. This is just the basis for the consolidating imperative of thinking & tactics of the company seeing its goal not in the momentary benefit but in its liabilities to people, the development of mutually beneficial relations, further advance towards the economical progress. Time passed by, the company priorities had undergone changes. If in 1871 the company founder used to travel all over Russia by horse-drawn sleighs buying raw materials & selling household goods within the period between two World wars the company was engaged in trading steel. Increased rates of the Soviet economic growth after the second World war stipulated a new turning point in the company economical strategy. Now the centre of gravity shifted towards export of machines, complex process lines & deliveries of "turn key" fully complete plants. The team of highly skilled company engineers focused its efforts on the development of the latest technologies adapted to production facilities available by that time in the Soviet Union. There could hardly by found another company which managed to materialize its potential of specific knowledge & experience (in the area of geographic, climatic, technical, sociological & other aspects producing an effect on the production process) in designing & implementation of its activities just as successful as this was done by Anton Ohlert experts each having a vast long-term experience of operation in the republics of ex- Soviet Union.

Currently Anton Ohlert company is engaged in two basic lines of activity:

Industrial line:

 Packaging industry - the equipment designed for the production of metal packing, various plastic containers, lines for lacquering & printing on tin plate & aluminum;
 Motor industry - the equipment for the production of plastic articles for motor industry, production of motor tires;
 Plastic processing industry, machines for the extrusion blow molding, extruders, thermal molding plants;
 Metal working machines & centers;
 Equipment for the production of concrete products, building & finishing materials, lime-and-sand brick.

Foodstuff line:

 Packaging industry - all types of packages for various types of foodstuffs, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical products, products for automobile sector.
 Equipment for the production of foodstuff, e.g. for the production of bread & bakery products, confectionaries, flour confectionary products, chocolate, wafer, biscuits, coffee.
 Packaging equipment for fat-&-oil sector & flour - cereal grinding sector.

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