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Equipment for sealing of plastic products.



Welding of plastics


    Machines for heated tool welding with contact and contactless heating, heating with the infrared radiation and gas convection
    Friction welding machines with linear vibration or rotation. In both cases it is possible to integrate the infrared heater in a system
    Machines for laser welding, working with quasi-synchronous and contour welding techniques
    Ultrasonic welding machines for special applications
    Machines for thermal welding
    High frequency welding machines
    Fully automated welding lines, including elements control, performed through supply systems; treatment variants. Concepts have different variants in all cases, for example, designs with a rotary table or linear movement. Robots can be integrated depending on a type of application.
    Equipment for machining, shaping, assembly and testing of plastic elements, integrated into fully automated production lines


Machines for heated tool welding




Vibration welding machines






Machines for laser welding




Vibration welding and heated tool welding with the use of infrared technologies 



  Welding of plastics, heated with infrared radiation







  Gas convection welding






Ultrasonic welding machines for complex solutions, used in combination with other welding processes




Fully automated lines with transportation of elements (fuel tanks, instrument panels, backlights, batteries ...) 






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