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Filling of liquid products into doy-pack

Today, this is the type of bag that can express the individuality of your product. Only this type of package is unlimited on possibilities of forms and types of the filling product.

The first machine for packing into sealed pouches were released by the HDG company in 30's of the 20th century. Now the HDG company is the biggest German producer of machines for packing into doy-pack and sachets. About 75% of the packaging machines of this type running all over the world have been produced by HDG. The HDG company successfully develops packaging solutions for any kind of product (dry, paste, liquid) to be packed into a sealed pouch of any kind and dimensions. The machines meet all the demands of all kinds of industry, such as: food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmacy, pet food.

The HDG machines can work with pre-made pouches or from foil rolls (in this case the machine forms the pouch before filling it).

HDG engineering idea is evolving, and along with the improvement of machines the bag type is also improved.

HDG will come up with a bag which you will be unable to refuse. 

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