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Aranow company was founded in 2001.

Business: design and manufacture of complete lines for Stick Pac packing equipment.

The company is headquartered in Sentmenat, Barcelona, Catalonia.

                Production center

                Stick Pac center of innovations and improvement

                Formation center

129 official and certified suppliers who are participants in quality assurance process.

36 official distributors all over the world.

250 plants in 45 countries.

Maximum stick width is 60 mm. Minimum stick width is 17 mm.

Maximum stick length is 180 mm. Minimum stick length is 25 mm.

Maximum output 1,600 pcs/min. Minimum output is 60 pcs/min.  


Strips/fillers/dispensers:  1 to 20, 25 in customized versions.

Hot foil system.

Jet marking, laser marking.

Secondary package: stand-up pouch, carton, plastic tray, flowpack.


Carton pack Pilow packet
Stand-up pouch Plastic tray


Integration of packing machines with the systems of secondary group packages/stacking




Machines for dairy industry

  • flush + Ultra Clean
  • laminar flow HEPAN14 compliant with GMP-US FDA
  • full-scale mechanism of the servo motor
  • piston pumps/flowrate meters or gravimetric fillers
  • integrated flusher, CIP/Sip on-site sanitization
  • UVC HEREAUS ultraviolet lamps


Machines for powders and granulated products

  • mono-block tight machine
  • smart touch screen
  • automatic package length control
  • screw fillers and independent servo motors
  • zigzag and straight cut-off
  • possible integration with flowpack system

Types of STICKS

Lap seal Fin seal Shaped sachet Lateral
Twinpack Long strings sachet Strings double sachet Extra length sachet


Types of cuts and seals

Zig Zag Straight Edge rounded
Diamond pattern Horizontal pattern Vertical pattern


Types of tear-off cuts

Perforation Inclined Perforation Horizontal Horizontal Cut
                             Laser Cut    
          Extra zig-zag on the Top


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