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Packing of coffee/cocoa into cans

We offer equipment of one of the leading European manufacturers, Optima Filling and Packaging Machines, for packing into hard containers (cans) of instant and ground coffee, coffee beans, tea, coffee beverages, spices, cocoa, instant soups and other bulk, granulated and small-piece products.

Dosing principle: screw, volume, weight, multi-weight, and container.


Advantages of our products:

  • High dosing accuracy
  • High capacity
  • High variability in use
  • Safe trouble-free work of equipment under heavy-duty conditions
  • Safe of all units and apparatuses in equipment
  • Selection of machine operating program (manual, semi-automatic, automatic)
  • High performance indicators
  • Low operating costs (per a unit product)
  • Complete integration and synchronization of equipment into existing process


Very competent professionals will select equipment in order to retain and bring to the end user of main physical and chemical properties (fragility, gloss, low thermal resistance, hygroscopic attributes etc.) of a product.


On this page you may put down your request for selection of equipment.

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