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Autoclaves – sterilizers

Integrated systems...

JBT FoodTec is providing various services in food industry for over a hundred years.

Over 50% of the world production of canned products are packed, seamed and sterilized, using JBT FoodTec equipment.

High-qualified and experienced personnel, laboratories, equipped with the latest equipment, installation base, having no analogues in the world, experience in the area of manufacture, combined with a variety of technologies for bottling, seaming, sterilization and control of the production process, provide unique solutions, offered by our company for food industry.



XL series machines are designed not only for processing of any type of packaging (metal, glass, plastics, cardboard) but also for various types of products, ranging from viscous liquids to products with hard particles or without them. The robust design of XL fillers provides flawless precise dosing even after a long period of operation.


XL series filling machine with one filler is the industry's single machine that can be cleaned on-site without disassembling of the entire system. This filling machine, produced by JBT, became the industry's first bottling system, which had been successfully tested for compliance, according to principles, set by the European group of hygienic structures developers. The machine was awarded the badge of honor For Sanitary Standards. All XL fillers meet the requirements of the EU towards control of residues on surfaces contacting with food products.



JBT FoodTec has gained the valuable experience in the area of container seaming over the years of its activity due to the wide qualification in the world. The unique experience allows JBT FoodTec to develop new, cost-effective solutions in production of canned products, aerosols, powders, food products, beer, soft drinks and non-food products.


SeamTecTM, the new series of seaming machines, meet the industry requirements in terms of the cost of maintenance, preparation of the machines to work, cleaning convenience, possibility of a rapid transfer to the cam of different size, reliability, convenience and safety for the operator.

SeamTec100 models differ in the number of seaming spindles (from 3 to 6, and from 3 to 10 in Seam200 modification).


SeamTec series provide a 6-spindle seaming system for seaming of cans of a large diameter, including the registered models of cans, as well as a special modification with an electric drive. The unique technology TwinTecTM two-in-one brought filling and seaming operations together in a single unit.



... close to the production line


Sterilization - autoclaves

Steam WaterSprayTM is a water steam sterilization technology. It represents effective, rapid and uniform sterilization under excess pressure, providing clean environment for products processing, maximum safety, use of different packaging, reduction of water consumption, consumption of chemicals for water treatment and electricity consumption. LOG-TECTM management system includes devices for control of individual autoclaves and a base computer, allowing control of every single step of the sterilization process. The computer also generates reports, complying with requirements of the System of Food Safety Management and received by the US Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

A new sterilization technology, used in rotary autoclaves SuperAgiTM, allows for selection of products processing type. It is designed for products treatment with the water steam in accordance with the Steam WaterSprayTM technology. It can also apply the technology of partial or complete dipping in water, providing optimum products processing.



Sterilization - the continuous technology

First continuous rotary cooling and heating sterilizers have been widely recognized throughout the world since 1921, when JBT FoodTec put them on the market. Nowadays over 8,000 rotary cameras, manufactured by JBT, are used in production lines.

Excellent quality of products, minimum processing time, high thermal conductivity, labor saving, minimum consumption of water and steam, minimum risk of damage to containers, noise reduction - these are just some of the advantages of the rotary sterilizer JBT FoodTec.

Rotary sterilizer is the most cost-effective solution for products convective sterilization in round metal cans of increased capacity. The hydrostatic sterilizer is characterized by efficient processing of products with high thermal conductivity, packed in metal and glass containers. Hydrostatic sterilizer is the perfect solution for products, requiring long cooking and cooling time, characterized by high heat conductivity that should not be mixed.


... from one supplier

JBT FoodTec food products laboratories are located in Europe and North America and offer a wide range of services, increasing the equipment value. For example, they develop technologies of the heating process, temperature distribution, heat transfer measurement, filling and seaming quality check, and give pieces of advice on compliance with requirements of the food safety management system and quality of water treatment.


JBT FoodTec is the body for control of technological processes, functioning in the US Department of Agriculture's and the US Food and Drug Administration.


Over 50% of the world production of long-life packed products are rolled and sterilized, using equipment JBT FoodTec. JBT FoodTec is the internationally recognized leader in the area of production technologies for packaged products development. It has produced several thousand of product lines, installed all over the world.


JBT FoodTec global support network guarantees professional supervision, commissioning, training and after-sale support in any part of the world.


Extensive research base, covering various countries of the world and using industry experience, ensures the use of latest engineering and manufacturing technologies.


Our customers are always sure that the equipment, delivered by JBT FoodTec has the highest quality at the best price. Integrated production capacity from one supplier JBT FoodTec.

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