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SeamTec seaming machines


Seaming machines

Wide model range

«SeamTecTM» seaming machines vary according to the number of spindles (3 - 10), and seaming speed (50 - 1,200 covers per a minute). Such seaming machines can be connected to any filling equipment, supplied to the market.

SeamTecTM can seam cylindrical cans, including registered types of cans, under the atmospheric pressure, using steam, with gas supply under the cap. The equipment can also produce cans of its own design and seam them.

Standard spare parts

All modifications of SeamTecTM refer to the same line of products and allow for using of standard parts.

Online ordering

All spare parts for SeamTecTM seaming machines can be ordered online at: myJBTFoodTech.com.

Minimum amount of time, needed for transition to the different can format

Standard equipment has a single lever for height adjustment, according to the can height; additional equipment includes a motor drive for height adjustment. Decrease of the downtime when changing the diameter of a can is up to 50 percent and is achieved by reduction of a number of parts, requiring replacement.

High-quality double seams

Reliable, robust and electrically-driven lifts and spindles, seaming rollers, not crossing each other when seaming, spring retractable bases and back translational single seaming ears provide high-quality seaming. The additional modification of the machine is equipped with a linear device for seaming control.


Easy to operate and control

SeamTecTM seaming machines operation is controlled by standard PLC systems. Such systems provide frequency control, being equipped with an LCD screen, displaying detailed information about the machine. Additional modification of the machine provides the capability to connect a modem for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.


A new standard of hygienic design of the equipment

Sanitary protective doors with a cable, located inside, have the length, equal to the whole machine length. They help to keep the equipment clean, allowing free access to it when it is necessary to clean the equipment.

The base plate of «SeamTecTM» is made of the stainless steel and has a single point of water collection. The legs of the base plate are made of the stainless steel and comply with all necessary sanitary requirements.

High-quality stainless steel

All open surfaces are made either of the stainless steel or of corrosion-resistant materials.

Effective cleaning of equipment

Organic hygienic design of the equipment and correct choice of materials ensure efficient cleaning of SeamTecTM and also the ability to use common detergents.

Alternatively, the automatic cleaning can be performed on-site.

Minimum losses due to product leakage

The maximum reduction of product losses from leakages is achieved through the use of special lifting tables of smaller diameter and low-lift cams.

Automatic greasing system

The greasing system with oil pumping greases seaming heads, retractable axle and lifting and lowering tables without any interruption of the operation of the machine. The additional modification of the machine supports automatic oil recovery. The equipment, installed under the top cover, works in the oil bath. SeamTecTM uses only oils, approved for use by the US Department of Agriculture and by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Minimum maintenance costs

Simplified design and powerful drive mechanisms allowed for reduction of maintenance costs and downtime of equipment.


Easy seam adjustment

Standard SeamTecTM set is equipped with an electronic device for automatic adjustment of the seam location.

The seam can be easily corrected after opening of all seaming rollers.

Over 50 years of seaming machines development

Seaming technology, first introduced as an IMC technology, had been further developed after conclusion of a license agreement with Continental Can that supplied thousands of seaming machines, designed and manufactured by JBT, to the world market.

New seaming technology

JBT FoodTech was the first company to introduce high-speed seaming machines for production of beer and soft drinks, setting new standards of hygiene, operator safety standards and standards of industrial production. JBT was the first to bring together filling and seaming operations in one machine by developing the TwinTesTM technology.

Filling and seaming systems from a single supplier

JBT offers a number of different filling and seaming systems with synchronization of special equipment operations. Two-in-one TwinTesTM technology is a combination of cleaning equipment efficiency and low production costs.

Packing, seaming, sterilization - all operations are made with the help of the JBT FoodTech equipment

Over 50% of the world production of long-life products is packed, seamed and sterilized, using equipment JBT FoodTech.


JBT FoodTech is an internationally recognized leader in the area of preserves production technologies development, and a supplier of several thousand seaming lines, installed worldwide.


JBT FoodTech offers ordering of replacement parts via the Internet (only in the USA). It is much more profitable and convenient.


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