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Filling and seaming machines, TwinTec series


Filling and seaming machine, two-in-one concept


Three models of filling mechanisms

Perfect filling technology is widely accepted:

  • Unifiller

  • Vacuum Filler

  • Oiler/Briner.

Filling through one filler, adjustable volume during operation


Filling mechanism with one filler in the standard version is equipped with a device for adjustment of the volume without operation interruptions.

Filling adjustment with a help of an automatic volume adjustment device.


Careful handling of cans


Use of lifting devices with a larger diameter, supplying cans to the filling mechanism, as well as moving of cans from the filling mechanism to the seaming machine, using the direct and shortest conveyor, can minimize damage and loss in the process of production of cans.

The unique concept two-in-one


JBT FoodTech was the first to integrate the filling and seaming operation in one single machine, with one robust, sanitary base, one control system, one drive, one lubrication system and one guarding.


Constant readiness for use

Compact design of TwinTec ТМ allows for reduction of transportation costs and saves valuable production space.


Optimal synchronization


TwinTec ТМ - is a perfect solution for complex problems of filling and seaming processes synchronization, providing gentle and reliable delivery of cans to the filling and seaming mechanism due to reduction of transportation length.


Changing of the modes


TwinTec ТМ forms new standards of switching equipment to other formats cans and other products.


TwinTec ТМ in its standard design has a single lever for height adjustment, according to the height of the can, adjusting the height of the filling mechanism and seaming height. In addition it provides a single mechanism for adjustment and dosing of the volume during the filling process.


Decreasing the machine's downtime in the process of modes changing can also be achieved by reduction of a number of parts, requiring replacement when changing the diameter of the processed can.


TwinTec ТМ

Brand new hygienic design of the equipment


TwinTecТМ is a new standard of hygienic equipment and its cleanliness.




All parts, staying in contact with food products, are made either of stainless steel or of a corrosion-resistant material. The mechanisms of filling and seaming are set on the same base plate, made of the stainless steel meeting all sanitary requirements. The plate also has large gutters and one point of the water collection.


Sanitary protective doors with the cable are made of the stainless steel and have a length, equal to the length of the whole machine, helping to keep the equipment clean and opening the free access to it when it is necessary to clean the equipment.


The issue of food products safety is also achieved at the level of the structure in which there is no section of the external transportation of products from the filling mechanism to the seaming mechanism. Thus the duration of transportation is reduced by 50%.


Increased safety and operator's comfort


The LCD panel and large, transparent doors, made of the Makrolon plexiglas, provide an opportunity for full visibility of the state of the machine, including loading cams, located in the same section.


The simplified design of the drive mechanism and transmission as well as the concept of using of the external casing, covering all operating mechanisms, can significantly reduce the noise level during operation. Electrically-blocked large doors are installed to ensure the safety of the machine operator.



Brand new hygienic design of equipment


All open surfaces are made of stainless steel or corrosion-resistant materials. The process of washing is simplified by minimizing of gaps and hard-to-reach spots.


High-quality double seams


Electrically-driven lifts and spindles, seaming rollers, not crossing each other in the process of seaming and retractable base are natural elements of the design. High quality of seaming is provided by single retractable ears for the 1-st and the 2-nd stages.


Minimum maintenance costs


Simplified design of the drive mechanism and transmission influences on the reduction of maintenance costs and downtime of equipment.

Reliability and optimal timing of service are guaranteed by the structural strength of machines and ease of access to their details.


The standard equipment of the seaming machine is completed with a greasing system with oil pumping




JBT FoodTech Global Support Network ensures professional installation, supervision, commissioning, training and after-sale support in any part of the world.


JBT FoodTech parts are synonymous with high quality. They are shipped on the same day when placing an order before 12 p.m. Middle European Time.


More than 50% of the world production of long-life products is seamed and sterilized, using equipment of JBT FoodTech. JBT FoodTech is an internationally recognized leader in the area of production technologies for preserves development. It supports several thousand of seaming lines, installed worldwide.


Research works with the use of an extensive product base ensures application of the latest design and engineering technologies.

Our customers can be absolutely sure about the quality of our products and competitive prices for spare parts.


All means of production integration from one supplier ... JBT FoodTech.


JBT FoodTech offers replacement parts that can be ordered via the Internet (only within the USA). It is much more profitable and convenient.


To order spare parts online:







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