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Fillers and packing machines

Filler with one flapper, XL Series

Filler with a volume doser

Has no seaming welds

All moving parts are made of a special alloy with Waukesha stainless steel, ensuring smooth movement of parts without any binding.

Dosing accuracy

A robust design of the XL series filling machine provides perfect dosing accuracy even after a long period of operation.


Seamless design of the machine helps to eliminate air, entering a can with the product through spaces, located between the piston and cylinder.

The machine ensures minimal loss of production with no products in the tank at the end of the filling procedure.


All mechanisms are made, using precise machining technology.


Pistons and cylinders are selected to provide minimum deviation from the set volume of filling.



  • Minimum loss of the products quality.
  • Minimum leakage / loss of products.
  • Free space in the container is designed to ensure better sterilization of packaged products.
  • Homogeneous vacuum or gas composition after steam or inert gas pumping.
  • Dry products packing.

Onsite washing system

Disassembly is not required

JBT FoodTech filler is the industry's first system of filling with volume dosing successfully tested for compliance with the procedure of onsite washing, set by the European group of hygienic designs developers.

All parts of the machine staying in contact with products are made of the stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

Presence of a base plate, made of the stainless steel, with a collection gutter and protective panels for a filling mechanism prevents overflowing of products and cleaning liquids from the filling zone and allows for quick cleaning.

Self-draining design helps the machine to wash all pieces of products and cleaning liquids out of the pouring mechanism and filling tank, not requiring any manual disassembly of the entire machine.


The filling machine with one XL series filling flapper can be supplied with the onsite cleaning system, ready for use.

This filling machine has been awarded a badge of honor For compliance with sanitary standards.


  • The machine supports quick switching to other modes
  • Minimum downtime for machine cleaning
  • Safe and reliable machine cleaning
  • Minimal risk of mechanisms damage (does not require disassembly of equipment)
  • Effective use of resources to provide right technological process and chemical reagents
  • Minimal labor costs

The machine is integrated with TwinTecTM filling and seaming system


Completely new hygienic design of TwinTecTM system forms a new step in the field of hygiene and cleanliness standards development.

Standard characteristics

Flexibility in the products choice

Supply channels designed for large amounts of products, and shortened path of the product allow for packing of viscous products both with solid fractions and without them.


This modification uses special filling tips that can be easily replaced by other types of tips.

Special inserts with the reinforced structure are provided for packing of such viscous products as pet food, jelly, stew, etc. The machine is equipped with knives cutting products according to their dose during their supply from the supply tank. In addition, the use of feeding tips is provided for the machine.


JBT FoodTech offers integrated systems, designed for filling, seaming and sterilization of products in metal, glass and plastic packaging.

Professional solutions development

JBT FoodTech» is a leading provider of integrated solutions for food processing. Whether these solutions work standalone or form integrated production lines - our equipment always increases the value, quality, nutritional value and taste of food products.

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We are keeping our presence on six continents and we are always willing to share our experience together with the latest technological innovations with all customers and partners and provide services and support, maximizing their profit and benefit.




For online orders of spare parts:




JBT FoodTech offers ordering of replacement parts via the Internet (only in the USA). It is much more profitable and convenient.

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